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Is Social Monkee a Backlink Scam? DUH!!!

I just love that when I Google "Social Monkee Scam" that all the pages at the top of Google search are scammers trying to get people to sign up for the program activation. They must each have at least 3 links on their page for the program.
Ive been doing net marketing for a long time now.  How long. Well Google was 2 when I started and they just turned 14. So. Do the math. Back then the scam was FFA (Free For All) sites. A company would offer to get you 3000 backlinks for a price. And they did. In what Google refers to as a link dump. Thousands and thousands of links on a page that had no content. This worked for a while but Google caught on and Blacklisted the FFA farm sites. Now those links are worthless.
Social Monkee is running a sophisticated premium FFA Farm. I know because I sighed up for the free version and tried it out. When I got my reports I began to see a pattern.

All the sites I had links on were CLONES. Same Layouts (5 different patterns to choose from).

No content. Oh maybe a short automated blurb on the page where my link was but nothing else. The site home page had absolutely no content and I couldn't sign up with the sites either to manually create links.

And the user who dropped the link on his page? Well that's all that user (BOT) does. Drop links on a fake site.

Here is the real 411. If Social Monkee created a bunch of GHOST websites to plaster links all over. When they are done. And all the sites domains need renewed, all the links you paid for will be gone. (POOF)

And if you did something crazy like.. Creating backlinks to the home pages your link was on. Well you just made the Domain name more valuable for the boys at Social Monkee..

Its a scam Folks..

The time you spend on their page properly formatting (laying out) your links and comments would be better spent leaving a real comment on a friends blog or getting your page into a directory.

Soon as Google Blacklists their activities they are going to (POOF) disappear,

With your Money, Time and Links.